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That makes us unique


Instead of the multi-page written scenarios from previously, everything now fits on just one page. From the scenario, we’ll create you a flowchart that gives you a complete overview of every moment of the event. Just one look and you can see who is responsible for which task!


Endless numbers of scenario versions and searching through old emails will be ceased. You can store your script in the cloud with us, and everyone will see the latest changes immediately. No one can say anymore that they did not receive the latest information.


You are no longer tied to one place. From now on you are able to edit the script on your desktop computer, continue it on your laptop, then follow the process from your mobile phone on the spot. A real-time timeline will show you if everything is going according to the plan!


Trepidity, slippage, time pressure disappear. Thanks to our graphical editing interface, you can foresee already in the planning phase if there is any idling or congestion somewhere. From now on the setup for the stage of the bands will go as precise as a Swiss watch. Even the cake will be still warm for the performers after they finished!


If you want, some of your co-workers will only get information about their part, while others will see everything. With filters and free-text search, you can list only the really important datas in your scenario. With us, you can narrow down your search to a responsible person, topic, location only with one click.


If you register now, the previously created  scenarios of your old events will be processed and stored in our system free of charge. So the next time you have to reorganize them, you just login to Cascade and have a firm starting point.

Getting started

Upload your script

After the registration, you can create a brand new event in the system or upload your existing scenario with one click.

Make it clear

Here comes the magic! From the scenario, we create you a graphical flowchart (event-flow diagram) that gives you a complete overview of every moment of the event.

Edit and filter in real-time

You can modify or even add new elements to the scenario of your event at any time. You can also filter when you want to see in details what is happening in a particular location or time period.

Keep your oraganizers up-to-date

You can share the scenario and event-flow chart online with all those who are involved in the event,and they can also track them on a smartphone when the event is happening or what is their next task.

The latest version for everyone

Thanks to the cloud technology, your colleagues always have the scenario with the latest changes in their hands, and the hotel staff who provide the venue can also download the information relevant for them with a single click.

We keep it for you

We will keep the full scenario of your events in our system. So the next time you have to reorganize them, you just login to Cascade and have a firm starting point.

Getting started

Our team


He has been organizing events for 18 years. Like other professionals, he had a number of unpleasant experiences and crisis. It is to avoid these difficulties that he created the event-flow representation method, and his goal is to make the day-to-day work of the event organizers easier.

Zoltan Abry

founder, CEO


He has 20 years of senior management experience in economic policy, EU and banking. As the development manager in the Széchenyi Card Program, his task was to develop and launch small enterprise development programs and to set up its national intermediary network. Within the program, the management of the HUF 130 billion annual loan portfolio was under his supervision.

Zoltan Szep



He has been working with startup companies for 12 years as a business developer and investor. He is a partner of Smartware.Tech, a seed-sower venture capital fund specializing in hardware and IoT startups, and a business development consultant at the Faculty of Informatics of Eötvös Loránd University. He was previously the business developer of the EIT Digital for Digital Innovation and International Business Development and organized a number of events as the Chief Operating Officer of the Mobility and Multimedia Cluster.

Barnabas Malnay




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